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2 days 14 hours
Depression treatment: ECT’s dark past and hopeful future  Vox.comElectroconvulsive therapy may have saved my great-grandmother's life. But people aren't really sure how it works.
2 days 15 hours
Thai court blocks anti-junta politician from joining House  Yahoo NewsBANGKOK (AP) — A Thai court has blocked the leader of a new anti-junta political party from taking his seat in Parliament while it determines whether he ...
2 days 16 hours
Small Scale Tests Show That CBD Can Help Manage Opioid Addiction  Cannabis HeraldNew Research shows that CBD can help with Opioid addiction. This could be great news for people battling Painkiller addiction.
2 days 17 hours
U.S. Military Requests 5000 More Troops in Middle East  The Daily BeastAs tension with Iran grows, the U.S. military has asked for 5,000 more troops to be sent to the Middle East. Reuters reports the U.S. Department of Defense is ...
2 days 17 hours
Russia and America Are Taking Turns Probing Each Other’s Air Space  Yahoo NewsSix Russian Tu-95 heavy bombers and several Russian Su-35 fighters probed U.S. air-defenses on May 20 and May 21, 2019, prolonging a period of aerial ...
2 days 18 hours
Medical Marijuana to be Legalized in Ohio for ASD and Anxiety  The Harvest InvestorIn the start of June, the State Medical Board of Ohio will decide whether medical marijuana will be made available for people suffering from autism spectrum ...
2 days 21 hours
Officials at Hawaii tsunami center say fake alert circulated  Yahoo NewsHONOLULU (AP) — Officials at a tsunami monitoring center in Hawaii say a fake threat was circulated about an earthquake in Japan and subsequent tidal wave.
2 days 23 hours
Storm Chasers Track Tornado in Okemah, Oklahoma  Yahoo NewsFrancis Lavigne-Theriault from NZP Chasers captured video of a tornado that reportedly touched down near Okemah, Oklahoma, on Wednesday, May 22.
3 days 1 hour
2 elderly African lions die at San Francisco, San Diego zoos  Yahoo NewsThis undated photo provided by the San Diego Zoo shows M'bari, an African male lion, who came to the zoo with his mate in 2009. The zoo announced that ...
3 days 3 hours
UK lawmaker Rees-Mogg says PM May's Brexit plan is worse than before  Yahoo NewsProminent Brexit supporter Jacob Rees-Mogg on Wednesday said that British Prime Minister Theresa May's new plan for Brexit was worse than her old proposal ...