Bad News for Big Medicine

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4 days 7 hours
Personalized Health Care and Artificial Intelligence Could Improve Your Life—At the Cost Of Your Privacy  NewsweekIf you think Facebook and Google invaded your privacy, imagine what hackers could do with a minute-to-minute log of your disease symptoms, behaviors, ...
4 days 8 hours
Wednesday, March 20, 2019  Kaiser Health NewsMedicare doesn't pay for an annual physical, but it does cover an annual wellness visit focused on preventing disease and disability by coming up with a ...
4 days 9 hours
The Dangerous Side Effect of Digital Wellness  FashionistaDo you get butterflies before a first date? Sweaty palms? Maybe you let out a nervous giggle or two? Well, direct-to-consumer digital healthcare platform Hers is ...
4 days 10 hours
First Edition: March 20, 2019  Kaiser Health NewsToday's early morning highlights from the major news organizations.
4 days 22 hours
8 Scientific Health Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet  Everyday HealthThe Mediterranean diet focuses on eating fruits, veggies, olive oil, fish, nuts, and seeds. Studies suggest it may help prevent heart disease, stroke, and type 2 ...
5 days 1 hour
Benefits of Aerobic Exercise for Brain Health  LIVESTRONG.COMRegular aerobic exercise improves cognitive function and lowers the risk of age-related memory loss. Running, swimming or biking can keep your brain healthy ...
5 days 3 hours
Psyched up: a visionary therapy or a trip into the unknown  Hawthorn CallerPsychoactive substances to treat depression and addiction have scientific backing, but while evidence suggests they work, questions remain, writes Russell.
5 days 3 hours
Eloise's long-hidden basement: 'You sense someone else is down there'  Detroit Free PressThe sprawling, abandoned Eloise health complex is considered by some to be one of America's the most haunted places.
5 days 4 hours
The 'bad kid' bares her soul to help teen girls  The Irish TimesTammy Darcy's life fell apart when she was 14. Now she's passionate about supporting today's 'struggling' teenage girls.
5 days 5 hours
Jury Deliberates Walters' Fate In Murder Trial  WWNY TV 7It was a packed courtroom as the prosecution and defense presented their closing arguments Tuesday morning in Justin Walters' murder trial.