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5 days 14 hours
9/11- A Date That Shall Live in Infamy in America and in Glory in Ethiopia and Eritrea  Satenaw NewsAuthor's Note: Today, September 11 (12), 2019 is Meskerem1, Ethiopian New Year's Day (Enqutatash “gift of jewels”). I wish all Ethiopians a HAPPY, ...
5 days 15 hours
Don't let the opioid settlement fritter away funds like the tobacco settlement did  STATMoney from the looming opioid settlement should be used to to directly combat the opioid crisis, and not be frittered away like the tobacco settlement.
5 days 17 hours
Screening and Referral Practices for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Primary Pediatric Care  AAP NewsOBJECTIVES: To examine screening practices for autism spectrum disorder (ASD), subsequent referrals, and diagnostic outcomes within a large network of ...
6 days 18 min
Mouseketeer homicide case to remain in Jackson County  Mail TribuneThe man accused of killing Dennis W. Day, a one-time child actor who was an original member of the Mickey Mouse Club, will be tried in Jackson County a ...
6 days 9 hours
South Africa: The Woman Who Ran  AllAfrica.comAnalysis - Caroline Peters survived being gang raped at the age of 15. Through running, she started to heal. But then she was ousted from the running club she ...
6 days 9 hours
Trump and Cuomo: Red Flags Are Red Herrings  James MooreCurtailing the rights of people with psychiatric histories is nothing more than a ploy to maintain social control.
6 days 14 hours
Prozac-maker secretly paid millions to secure favorable verdict in mass-shooting lawsuit  Courier Journal25 years after a jury absolved Prozac of blame for Joseph Wesbecker's shooting rampage, CJ reveals drugmaker agreed to pay victims $20M before verdict.
6 days 22 hours
Some addiction clinics market unproven treatments  Bend BulletinJason was hallucinating. He was withdrawing from drugs at an addiction treatment center near Indianapolis, and he had hardly slept for several days.“He was ...
1 week 36 min
Disabled Stanford Student Isn’t Alone in Her Battle for Home Care Services  Yahoo LifestyleA new school year is starting, and once again a promising young university student with a disability is in the news. At a time when she should be excited about ...
1 week 2 hours
A glass-half-full outlook and a longer life  The Boston GlobeBoston University researchers found that people who scored higher on an optimism assessment were more likely to live past age 85.