Bad News for Big Medicine

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2 days 19 hours
Milton Keynes University Hospital Trust among those to use electric shock therapy  Milton Keynes Citizen
2 days 20 hours
Submission to the European Court of Human Rights in AM v. Russia  Human Rights Watch
2 days 20 hours
Wildland Firefighters Are Risking Their Mental Health – Mother Jones  Mother Jones
2 days 21 hours
People in mental health crises need help, not handcuffs - STAT  STAT
2 days 22 hours
Talking toolkits: unpicking Covid-19 return-to-work advice for occupational health  Personnel Today
2 days 23 hours
INGAIGE: A Coping App for Mental Health Professionals  Theravive
2 days 23 hours
Supreme Court Rules Montana Can't Exclude Religious Schools From Scholarship Program in Landmark Win for Education Choice | Kerry McDonald  Foundation for Economic Education
3 days 3 hours
Why is Israel going to pot?  J-Wire Jewish Australian News Service
3 days 7 hours
Masks are a flashpoint amid the coronavirus pandemic. Here's what science says about them.
3 days 7 hours
Psychiatrists, Ontario government liable for horrific patient abuse