Bad News for Big Medicine

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5 days 1 hour
Researchers went to festivals to study psychedelic drugs and found they left people feeling happy and connected hours after the high wore off  Business Insider
5 days 4 hours
January 21, 2020.  The CyberWire
5 days 5 hours
My brother has 4% Neanderthal DNA. What does that actually mean?  Massive Science
5 days 9 hours
‘That’s not what you said then!’: Alan Dershowitz crashes and burns when confronted with his own words on impeachment  Raw Story
5 days 11 hours
“Essential to spreading prosperity”: An open letter from the rail industry on the importance of HS2  CityMetric
5 days 14 hours
Don't just move the Lords to Leeds – replace it with a Citizens' Assembly  CityMetric
5 days 19 hours
Transgender propaganda hides scary truth about puberty-blockers  Lifesite
5 days 20 hours
Trump 'Honors' Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. By Visiting His DC Memorial – for 30 Seconds  The New Civil Rights Movement
5 days 21 hours
Program for those dealing with a mentally ill relative, friend  Oak Ridger
6 days 3 hours
Solitary confinement is bad for the heart too  Massive Science